ypiresies-omorfias Facials
Face and body treatments adapted to the type of each skin for renewal, hydration and repair, and of course make-up for every occasion.
Body Treatments
Treatment of orthopaedic and neurological problems with special massaging, mobilization, Manual Therapy and Kinematic Taping.
smart skin diagnosis armonia
Smart Skin Diagnosis
Find the innovative Smart Skin Diagnosis method at Armonia! What needs your skin and what does it need to be radiant and healthy?
αποτρίχωση ΕΜΕ
Hair Removal
Painless laser hair removal with the latest technology, Diode Laser EME, for permanent treatment of hair growth, in all areas of the body.
Skin treatments, manual therapies, radiofrequency therapies and specialized massage techniques for athletes, etc.
εγκυμοσυνη armonia
We embrace the most beautiful phase of female nature, pregnancy, offering specialized services for this special period of your life!
manual therapy
Manual Therapy
Manual Therapy is the most effective way to treat spine and peripheral joint problems.
Make Up
Make up for special occasions, early-day, mid-day, evening, photography and wedding make up for the unique moment of your wedding.
Our goal is to improve your eating habits and achieve a healthy lifestyle by providing counseling services.