The truth about cellulite

The truth about cellulite

Cellulite is a common condition seen on the female body. Despite our common beliefs, cellulite is linked to collagen orientation in the female body. It is also linked to hormones, diet, exercise, clothes, shoes and life changes. Helping lymphatic and blood circulation via treatments such as massages and  RF’s help in the reduction of cellulite and cells oxygenation.

You can help by choosing aerobic exercise, consuming fruits, vegetable , lots of water and limiting salt, sugar and fat in your diet!

Remember that tights clothes and high heels are harming for blood circulation thus they promote the appearance of cellulite and oedema.

Dont forget that hormonal fluctuation might impact our appearance in the mirror.

Love your body and use some of the tips to help you!


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Constantina Dimitropoulou

Cosmetologist-Nutritionist BSc,MSc